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The Musings of Talayse
Fan Fic Written by me, (Talayse) 
8th-Nov-2020 05:02 pm
I don't write much fic (although, suddenly I seem to be), but when I do it gets posted to this journal and possibly a community somewhere. It only seems polite to organize it.

Most is slash, some is gen.

The Aubrey/Maturin novels
All stories are Aubrey/Maturin

The Ship and the Crew
-She is their ship and they are her crew. Vague mention of Aubrey/Maturin slash.

On a Strange, Grey Sea
-A time travel AU (You have been warned.) Jack and Stephen find themselves adrift on a strange sea.

The Avengers
All stories are Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

-Tony Stark owns a piano, Steve's never seen him play it.

-In which Dummy is helpful, Pepper is amused and Tony wants to wear his best suit.

All Stories are Gen
Budge Over
-This is a fic that answers a few questions:
Where did Natasha go after CA:TWS?
Where was Clint?
How does one find a brainwashed assassin?
How do the Avengers learn of Coulson's not being dead?

A snippet stye story in which Clint does not like sharing, Jarvis is the baddest bad-ass, and Coulson wants to pretend he doesn't know any of them.

The "Nobody Expects the Flagg" series:
Part the First:Do You Have a Flagg?
-Tony receives an unexpected visitor in his workshop. He really should have patched up that hole he made in the roof with the Mark II. (Crossover with M*A*S*H)
Part the Second:No Flagg, No Country
-The recently defrosted Steve Rogers meets an intelligence agent who thinks Steve is and is not Captain America. Steve's pretty sure he is Captain America.
Part the Third:How to Take Down a Flagg
-Colonel Flagg meets his match.
Part the Fourth:Who Let the Flagg out of the Bag?"
-Just who has been letting Flagg out of his secure retirement facility?

-Pizza dog meets some fellow pizza lovers. Surprise crossover.

BBC's Sherlock
All stories are John/Sherlock

The Other London Part One
The Other London Part Two
-John returns to London to find it too small, and after taking a wrong turning he ends up in an altogether different place.
Now with art by f_m_r_l It's awesome, check it out.

The Cat, the Doctor and the Thief (An Other London Story)
-John returns to to the flat to find Sherlock out, several visitors at the door and a strange comic on the coffee table.

Doctor Who
All stories are Gen

The Death and Resurrection of Donna Noble
-Donna receives a strange visitor, and regains her life of adventure.

The Curious Incident of the Street Lamp in the Night
-If the Tardis showed up outside your door, would you notice it?

Due South
All stories are Fraser/RayK

I May Be Some Time
-Fraser goes missing, and only Ray can bring him back. Post series.

ETA: I find myself needing to add this little note to clarify because of many whining comments-- please read the pairing, please understand that this is a Fraser/RayK get together fic, and thus focuses on the relationship of Fraser to that of RayK. Yes, I've seen all four seasons of the show. I know there is a RayV, this story isn't about him. I am now friends locking this story, if you want to read it, give me a nudge, but please understand I've received more than enough "You don't understand RayV!" comments. I really do, but my take may not be the same as yours, our perceptions and our interpretations are our own and if they were all the same the world would be a boring place.

All stories are Gen

-River likes to watch them sleep.

Harry Potter 'Verse
All stories are Sirius/Remus

(Stop Me if You've Heard this One:) A Wolf, a Werewolf and an Animagus Walk into a Bar
-Silliness really. Sirius makes a new friend, Remus contemplates putting a leash on Sirius. Crossover with Due South.

The Soul Cages
-Sirius decides it's not going to end that way after all, and makes a clear list of priorities when he succeeds.

Big Word, Sad Word
-Voldemort finds the Potter family before the Fidelius charm is cast, Sirius's world is irrevocably changed

-Remus can't sleep, Sirius tries to help. Marauders' era, snuggling in front of the fire.

-Continued from Firelight. What Sirius thinks about after Remus falls asleep.

-Continued from Embers, which itself is continued from Firelight. In which Sirius's thoughts are run-on sentences, Remus ruminates on the smell of Padfoot and James interrupts.

Library Smut
-Sirius, Remus, sex in the library.

Confessions of an Unrepentant Voyeur
-What the title says.

Excerpts from the Book of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin
-Plots can be annoying when they make characters act in ways that are out of character.

While I Was Sleeping
-When Sirius had fallen asleep, it had only been him and Remus in the library.

The Economics of Sleep
- If Remus were to write the summary of this fic it would read: The story of how Nymphadora Tonks decided that someone needed care for the werewolf after her cousin died and appointed herself his guardian. If Tonks were to write the summary of this story it would read: Me and my pet werewolf.
(Sirius/Remus past, Remus & Tonks friendship)

And one Remus/Tonks
A Jar of Moonlight
-In which Remus and Tonks discuss the fact that Remus was not always an only child, and the price for a jar of moonlight.

Pacific Rim
All stories are gen.
Post-Drift Rituals
-Mako had Raleigh's toes in her nose again.

Stargate: Atlantis
All stories are John/Rodney

Look at the Pilot
-Rodney is an astrophysicist who sets out to test his own theory, an accident occurs and he ends up in a distant part of the universe, on a living ship where he meets Peacekeeper John. A Farscape fusion AU. Slash.

Morning Contemplation
-A snippet further down the line from my story "Look at the Pilot". Former Peacekeeper John contemplates his new life with Rodney.

Also, art:

Sherlock Holmes
Come Here
-Slash art for the Sherlock Holmes original fiction fandom, featuring Dr. John H. Watson in the altogether. NSFW.

Harry Potter 'Verse
Sirius and Remus, Snuggling
-What the title says, safe for work.

Sirius and Remus, Post Bath
-The boys wrapped in towels, and each other. Safe-ish for work.

Bucky Knitting
-Bucky Barnes, knitting. Safe for work.
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